Monday, January 28, 2008

Football and Dairy Farms...

A combination that works? Not what I'd usually think of for a good plot to a book. But I was proven wrong (which does happen on occasion!). In Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, the combination works perfectly. D.J. has taken all of the jobs on the family dairy farm since her father has had hip surgery. She's given up basketball and track--all for her family--without complaint. Well, that's not true. She has complained--a lot, but only in her head, never out loud. Because her family doesn't talk--not since her older college football playing brothers left home. Her summer is all planned out: wake up, milk the cows, muck the barn, bale the hay, milk the cows again, and more every day, day in, day out. Sounds like a lot of fun right?

Well that all changes when Brian shows up to work on the farm. Brian is the quarterback for her high school's rival team. His coach--D.J.'s uncle of sorts--thought that the work would toughen him up. But as D.J. tells him, Brian doesn't need to work, he needs a personal trainer. Her and her big mouth. Now she's Brian's personal trainer, putting him through all the training sessions her big time brothers used to do. And as they work out together, she realizes that she loves it too. So much that she decides to try out for her school's football team.

I thoroughly enjoyed this title. It's all about working hard for something you love. Whether it's the hard work for the family farm, or the sprinting and weight lifting for football. And this description just touches the tip of the iceberg of everything that goes on this novel. There's relationships, a younger brother who hardly speaks, a father who seems overbearing, but loves to cook, a hope for acceptance within the football team, and so much more.

The sequel Off Season was on this year's Best Books for Young Adult List put together by YALSA. I'm planning on picking up the sequel this week to read on my vacation since I just have to know what happens next! A side not, which cover do you like best? The cow cover was the hardback which screams chick lit girl readers only to me. The other cover is the new paperback cover. I really like it, but it doesn't give any clues as to what the books is about. But maybe this one could be picked up by guys without ridicule... What do you think?
Oh and P.S. Karen you will not win your coup attempt. I will prevail as Blog Queen!

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