Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Newes from the Dead

The last thing Anne Green remembers is being hanged for murder. Now she's lying in the dark, unable to move a muscle. Where is she? Has she been buried alive, or is she in Purgatory? Terrified, Anne recalls the events that led to her sorry state. . . whatever that happens to be.

At the same time, a roomful of medical students waits to dissect the corpse of a newly hanged woman. Robert, a student at his first dissection, is stricken by the sight of the recently deceased. Is it his imagination or did he just see movement behind the "corpse's" closed eyes?

Set in 1650, Newes from the Dead, is a thrilling novel. Is Anne dead or alive? Has she somehow survived her hanging only to be dissected while the blood still runs through her veins? And why exactly has young Anne come to be accused of murder? As her back story unfolds, the reader comes to sympathize with the naive servant girl who has found herself in this nightmarish situation, through a series of unjust events.

Highly recommended! A terrific read with wonderful language from the era. Based on a real story, the 17th century description of this "amazing newes" is given at the end of the book. This one was a fast, shivery read.

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