Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Youngest Templar, Book One Keeper of the Grail

Historical fiction has to be pretty exciting or have really interesting characters in order to grab me. This book has both. I am a great devotee of the Knights Templar and if Templar is in the title, I will read it. Tristan is an orphan who is raised by Cistercians monks when he was left as a baby. When he is fifteen, the monastery has visitors. A group of Templar knights stop by on their way to Dover. Sir Thomas, one of the Templars, is impressed with Tristan's willingness to assist in taking care of the guests and their horses. Tristan is shocked when Sir Thomas asks him to serve as his squire!

Thus begins an adventure filled with acquiring new skills, seeing new, foreign lands, making new friends and growing up a lot faster than Tristan ever imagined. The action comes fast and furious with some horrifying experiences for Tristan. It is fast paced and the reader really wants to find out what is going to happen next. The characters are interesting and you can relate to them fairly easily. I appreciate how the characters talk about how situations could be perceived as good or bad. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who has an assignment to read a historical fiction book. I am also eagerly awaiting the next segment in Tristan's adventures!

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