Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Heart Transplant

This unique illustrated story just came to the library today from cataloging. I picked it up because Vachss is typically an adult author and we placed this book in teen. Heart Transplant by Andrew Vachss is a hard hitting look at bullying and how one adopted grandfather helps his grandson break out of the pattern of being bullied. Not for the faint of heart whatsoever, Sean's family life is the pits. His mom is drunk, his "daddy" is abusive, and then one day he comes home to find them murdered. Pop, his "daddy" Brian's father, comes in and takes Sean under his care. Through his guidance, Sean discovers a home that he can belong to and a Pop he loves. The oversized nature of this book allows the artwork to flow with the text. Some of art uses sequential art which is why we placed it in the graphic novel section of the library, but most are sprawling vivid images. The book ends with an essay called The Rules of Engagement by Zak Mucha that takes a nonfiction look at bullying.

So here is a book that at first glance would fit in well with the adult graphic novels. But after reading it, I think it is perfect for the teen area since it takes a look at a hard topic that effects teens too frequently.

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