Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Best Foot Forward by Joan Bauer

My favorite teen book of all time is Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer. So, you can imagine, when I found out a sequel was coming out, I had to read it -- IMMEDIATELY. But I was also a little worried. What if I was disappointed? What if Bauer didn't have anything new to say? In short, what if Best Foot Forward sucked?

I shouldn't have worried, because Best Foot Forward is an awesome book. Jenna, home from her life-changing road trip to Texas, is still shell-shocked from the loss of her friend Henry and her Dad's DUI arrest. She loves her job as second in command to her mentor, the lovable but stern Mrs. Gladstone, but doesn't know how to cope when Mrs. G brings Tanner Cobb, juvenile felon, to work at Gladstone Shoes. Trying to juggle junior year, her new role as manager, Al-Anon, Eldin the Shoe Rat and the hot donut guy who hit her car, Jenna learns what "best foot forward" really means.

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