Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Queen Bee

Chynna Clugston writes one of my favorite graphic novel series ever, Blue Monday. But as much as I love Blue Monday, some salty language and "mature situations" marks it for older readers.

So imagine, dear Reader, how happy I was to find Queen Bee, an awesome book by Chynna Clugston that could be enjoyed by all ages, featuring cool manga-inspired artwork.

This Mean Girls-meets-Carrie tale, introduces Haley Madison, who has spent her whole life being a total geek. You see, Haley has PK, psychokinesis, or the power to move objects with her mind. She can't control it very well though, and the weird stuff that happens around her marks her as a social outcast.

That all changes, however, when Haley transfers to a new school. With the right clothes, and the right attitude, Haley soon becomes the head of the Hive, the clique made up of the most popular girls. All is right with the world until Alexa, a another girl with PK transfers to JFK Intermediate, and immediately takes over Haley's spot. Alexa is mean with a capital M, and will stop at nothing to be the most popular girl in school. It all comes to a head at the school's talent contest, and both girls know -- there can be only one Queen Bee!

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