Saturday, November 26, 2005

Death Note

I have been looking forward to this manga series. While I was in Japan, I had lunch with a manga fan who had the series. As I flipped through the Japanese volumes, I was enthralled by the art. I continually was cursing myself for not knowing how to read Japanese. But never fear, it is now here in America, and will soon be available at the library!

Light Yagami is pretty much the perfect teen--he's cute, smart, and even well-mannered! But he is absolutely bored with life. That is until he finds the Death Note a shinigami left. A shinigami is a god of death(he's the purplish blue guy in the picture!) --kind of like our grim reaper. The Death Note is a notebook that when a human name is written in it, the human dies. Of course, there are rules--plenty of them. Soon Light has a plot in his mind--he's going to kill off all the evil doers and basicly become god.

Sounds interesting, right? And just think Light is the protagonist in the series! It's eight volumes long in Japan--it may get longer still. The first two volumes will be available at the library shortly.

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Anonymous said...

i really like deathnote too. the comic is available in english?
it would take some time for the translators to translate right?