Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cell by Stephen King

For anyone who has ever been annoyed by a loud-mouthed person chatting noisily on a cell phone in the library or at a table next to yours in a restaurant, this book is for you…

Beginning on page 6 of King’s latest bestseller, “The Pulse”---as it later comes to be known---is delivered through cell phones everywhere. Those who are unlucky enough to be using a cell at that moment are instantly transformed into vicious zombie-like killing machines ( phone-crazies ). Clay Riddell, a comic book illustrator, is in Boston selling his work when The Pulse hits. As he waits in-line for ice-cream, Clay becomes aware that something ominous has occurred when the woman standing in front of him suddenly closes her cell phone and tries to climb through the window of the Mister Softee truck to tear out the ice cream vendor's throat. At this point, things go bad very quickly as Boston falls under attack by thousands of mindless, bloodthirsty phone-crazies .

Clay joins forces with a small band of “normies”---as you might have guessedthose who have not been changed into phone-crazies ---and sets off on a chaotic and horrifying journey back to his home state of Maine where he hopes to find his wife and son still alive, and unaffected by The Pulse.

Cell’s intriguing, fast-paced storyline makes the book difficult to put down once you start reading. King does offer up a bit of a gore-fest, so if you have a difficult time tolerating things like decaying flesh, missing body parts, and “blood-O'-plenty” in your reads…you might want to steer clear of this one.

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