Friday, February 03, 2006

Meg Cabot writes for adults

I'm a sucker for Meg Cabot books. Yes, they are totally girly, but she has created some great characters. Under her pen name, Jenny Carroll, she created the uber-cool, Suze, who is a mediator for the dead stuck on earth. This series is now being published under her own name, but the library has the first volumes under Carroll still. But the Mediator series is completed and I was left needing a new character I can keep reading about.

And here comes Heather Wells, ex-pop singing sensation, ex-fiance of pop singing sensation, current dorm, ahem I mean, residence hall assistant director. Size 12 is not fat is the beginning of a new series for Cabot. Written for adults, this series still packs a punch with teen appeal. With the plan of getting a degree, Heather, down and out ex-pop star, works at the residence hall of New York College. When girls start dying while elevator surfing, Heather gets suspicious. Since no one seems to be listening to her ideas on the girls' deaths, she takes matters into her own hands and plays private detective. Luckily, her landlord is a P.I. himself and can be cajoled into helping her out.

Written with Cabot's witty narrative, there are laugh out moments, as well as, cringe worthy self-deprecating that we all love to read so well. And as any one reading this will soon know "Size 12 is not fat!"

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