Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Diary of Pelly D

The Diary of Pelly D offers a disturbing glimpse into a future that does not hold much promise for humankind. The author describes a futuristic holocaust and how it affects one teenage girl and her family.

In a future where earth has colonized new planets, and humans have gills…yikes!…we meet Toni V, a demolition worker who leads a fairly dreary life on a planet called Home from Home. One day as Toni V is going about his demolition duties; he digs up the diary of a teenage girl named Pelly D.

As we begin reading Pelly’s diary along with Toni V, we meet an arrogant A-list teen who lives a posh existence. Pelly’s life-concerns focus on hanging out with friends at WaterWorld and pursuing a love interest named Ant Li.

However, as we continue to read the diary entries, we begin to notice signs that Pelly’s world is about to change. Political tensions surrounding the distribution of the planet’s water supply triggers the human instinct to “find someone to blame”. In this case, fingers are pointed at one of three social classes (the Galrezi class) that have formed based on insignificant or perceived genetic differences. Eventually, everyone on the planet is required to be tested to determine which social class he or she falls into.

When Pelly’s test determines her to be a Galrezi, she begins to face horrific acts of discrimination from her government, friends, and even family.

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