Monday, June 09, 2008

Action Adventure Thieves

So another theme for the popular paperbacks committee I'm on is Spies & Intrigue. I don't talk about those books as often because I'm REALLY behind on my reading of the nominated titles. Shame on me, I know. So I'm catching up a bit. On Friday, I read Thieves like Us by Stephen Cole.
Jonah is up at 3 am in his prison cell thinking that it sounds pretty quiet in the prison--that is until he hears someone coming up to his cell and breaking him out. He's been given a chance to leave prison that comes with a price. His price? Use his skill in hacking and deciphering codes in crimes. Sure, he's already a criminal, but he had a reason for that crime--this one is just thievery, right? But with Patch, the one-eyed lockpicker; Motti, the systems expert; Con, the mesmerizer; and Tye, the driver/pilot extraordinaire, Jonah has found something he has always wanted--a family. Their backer, Mr. Coldhardt, has a new project for them--one that has ties to Ancient Egypt and could lead to eternal life.
As I started reading this book, I immediately thought of the Mod Squad--genius teens who were criminals join forces with the good guys--except they are still criminals in this book. As they justify it, the ones they steal from don't call the police. They call in mercenaries to steal it back and then kill you for stealing! But as I continued to read it became a mixture of Mission Impossible--who's on their side?; who's going to betray them?; and who can they trust? are all questions that popped in my head while reading--and Indiana Jones--grave robbing, ancient history lessons. It was loads of fun! Jonah and Tye are the narrators for the most part and I liked how both sounded jaded but willing to trust the other teens.
If you're looking for a fun action packed story for the summer, look no further. This is the one you need to read!

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