Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Manga I've been reading Part 1

So I'm trying to clean up my graphic novel collection at home. I've been rereading series to see if I want to give any of them away to the library or sell at a used bookstore. Some of them, I was sure I wouldn't need to own them anymore. I was right in some cases--others I was wrong. Two of the ones I've decided to keep are Maniac Road and Juline. Completely different manga series. Maniac Road takes place in Akihabara as sisters take in a model otaku and help him create a new anime/model store in the first floor of their home. I have owned this series for about three years or so and had never read it. I was sure it would be donated to the library, but instead I found myself laughing at the characters' antics. Now I have to see if it's still available or not to buy so I can buy it for the library! Juline is a shojo martial arts series by the creators of Vampire Princess Miyu. I thought the artwork was too pretty to give up, so sorry folks, that's another one I kept for myself! :)

So how about a manga that the library has or will be getting shortly? Okay, I can talk about a series that the library just got. Crescent Moon by Haruko Iida. We've had the first volume for quite awhile (I donated that one a few years ago). And then I went and purchased it and more volumes for myself again! Mahiru is the main character in this shojo fantasy. She brings everyone, but herself good luck and when she looks in water she sees things no one else can see. Her good fortune and water seeing abilities are explained slowly when she meets people from the lunar race--a set of beings who are searching for lunar crystals that aid in their powers. And their powers are quite unique-- there's a werewolf, vampire, and demons in this group. Centered in this fantasy is relationship drama as Mahiru is the descendant of the Japanese princess who supposedly betrayed the love of a demon. As a child, she promised him to marry him, but when she gets older she doesn't keep the promise. The demon stole her away, but the humans fought back and stole the demon's powers. A bit of sad folklore thrown into this fun series. Teen girls who enjoy Vampire Knight or Yuu Watase's creations will most likely candidates to read this series!

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