Friday, May 08, 2009

The Farwalker's Quest

This sounds like the beginning of an interesting possible series. I know that some people are not fond of series and I myself am somewhat ambivalent. I really like them and then sometimes I do not.

I do not know if this is set on Earth and it does not really matter. This is a slightly different twist on humans rediscovering a past history and fearing the discovery. The past destroyed civilization and there is fear that finding out about the past and its machines, etc will cause destruction once again.

Two youngsters Ariel and Zeke are on the threshold of taking possession of their "special" gifts/power. As young adulthood approaches, each individual will be tested for their aptitudes. Some will become Healers, others Fishers, others tree-singers, etc. A strange device and strangers coming to the village cause problems before Namingfest occurs. Namingfest is when the youngsters get their last names. For instance, Ariel is expected to become a Healer since her mother is a Healer. If she passes her Namingfest test, her name will become Ariel Healer.

Namingfest arrives and so does the disappointment and tragedy that marks the beginning of Ariel's and Zeke's momentous journey. Neither youngster ever dreamed that they would be leaving their village and begin walking a path of danger and uncertainty.

The main characters are all very interesting. Ariel and Zeke must hurriedly adapt to world that can be wild and life threatening. They must grow up much faster than either likes. The changes as they take place show the adaptability of both youngsters. It is painful sometimes to see how they are forced to mature so soon. Scarl, who abducts Ariel, is not at all what he seems. It took me some time to figure out whether he was a white hat or a black hat. It is only later in the book when one better understands his circumstances that one decides which he is.

As I said, the ending certainly leaves this open to further adventures of Ariel and Scarl and perhaps Zeke. It is an interesting premise when the possible hope of this world lies in a young girl who is still learning what and who she is.

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