Monday, December 14, 2009

Devil's Kiss

What do you know, another novel with the Templars as the main characters! It seems that many authors have found them to be fertile ground for novels.

Devil's Kiss is a mishmash of various supernatural and legendary elements that it is almost too much even for me. It may be a bit hard to follow all the bits and pieces that the Chadda includes in his novel. It would have been better if Mr. Chadda had used only a few devices so readers could see the connections the author was trying to make.

Billi SanGreal, as the first female Templar is an interesting twist, since Templars could not have anything to do with women. Ordinarily, being sympathetic to the Templars, I generally like the characters. I found this group only nominally interesting. They all seemed too one dimensional and I could never get into any of them.

The Templars have their back against the wall these days. There are very few of them left to fight the good fight. It also seems that training Billi to be a Knight Templar has caused a great deal of friction among the remaining knights.

Billi is put in an untenable position of being forced to become a Templar and trying to be a "normal" girl going to school. She is an outsider and because the only friend she had has been sent away for training (Kay is also part of the Templar group) so she has no one.

With Kay coming back, the Templars are being threatened with dark forces. Which are being led by Michael, the Archangel. Michael is determined to take back the last Templar treasure (a mirror) that keeps his brethren imprisoned. If this happens the tenth plague will be unleashed into the world and firstborns will die everywhere.
At all costs the Templars must keep this from happening.

While the actions scenes were good for those of us that like good fight scenes, the novel was not one that I was wanted to pick up as soon as I could. However, if the reader has an interest in the Knights Templar they will likely be satisfied with Devil's Kiss. It will be interesting to see future offerings from Chadda.

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Love that book!