Monday, November 22, 2010

Fantasy Manga

So last week was the monthly meeting of the Ani-Manga Club. This month was all about fantasy. And manga has a lot of different fantasy titles available to read! As the teens were going around the room telling about their favorite fantasy manga, we kept thinking that so many of the basic plot points were similar to other fantasy titles--both manga and novels. So here are some of the highlights of the booklist:

If you like the time traveling--or transporting to another world storyline, then you might like

Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles by CLAMP
In this CLAMP crossover, the characters may look familiar to you, but they are completely different. Sakura is the Princess of Clow and Syaoran is her childhood friend. When Sakura's powers trigger in an archaeological dig, she loses her memories one by one in the form of feathers. With the help of Syaoran and others, she will travel through dimensions to gather them back again. This series is set to be finished this month! So start reading now!

Are post-apocalyptic fantasies more your cup of tea? Then you may find a series like Basara by Tamura Yumi more to your liking.

Born as the twin sister of a boy prophesied to be the "Child of Destiny," Sarasa lives a lonely, forgotten existence. But when her village is attacked by the Red King's Army and her brother is killed, she must face the courage to lead her people into victory masquerading as her brother the whole entire time. This long series has a lot to offer: relationships, mistaken identities, battles, war tactics, and so much more.

And last but not least, the RPG-type fantasy. This fantasy genre has the journey, the battles with magic or with creatures, and usually has more humor built into it. The creator, Ryo Mizuno best fits this category. Best known for Record of Lodoss War and Louie the Rune Soldier, his work has a mixture of the above elements. RLW is all about the quest. Louie is more of a comedy with a street brawling sorcerer at the center of the story.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy some of these titles. Next month in Ani-Manga Club we'll be discussing humor manga. We're meeting on the 14th at 4 pm, so if you're a teen and you like manga, you should come!

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