Thursday, January 27, 2011

Romance is in the air...

So here's what you missed this week at the Foothills library. Ani-Manga Club. Seriously--why weren't you there!? We focused on romance manga this month since our February event is after the big V-day. So here a few of my suggestions for the BOYS. Girls will like them as well, but boys usually don't have romance books all that often. And let's not call it romance to them, but relationships... :)

My favorite of the bunch is a two volume short story collection called Short Program by Mitsuru Adachi. Each story is about two people connecting. In one, it's about a very tall guy watching on television a girl attempting to high jump over his height. Another is about a secret crush discovering her affection while repairing her stereo. Another is a stalker story that you don't realize until half-way through the date that something is off. Each one different but still just as fabulous as the last.

Rumiko Takahashi's titles are great titles with hints of romance interspersed with the action, and comedy. I particularly love Maison Ikkoku, but really every single one has love in it somewhere!

Train_Man Densha Otoko I've spoken about before. I will just say again. Love it! Geek finds love on a train and support to woo the love from his friends online.

Okay, so there's a snippet of the books that you missed hearing about at the Ani-Manga Club this week. You also missed very yummy chocolate fondue. Don't miss out next month (February 22nd 4 pm) when we talk about ACTION manga! And I think we'll make manga magnets as our activity.

See you there!

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