Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Book of the Day

Can I tell you how cool it is to be a reviewer? I review for a lot of journals--VOYA, Library media connection; Video librarian, but my newest and coolest one is ICV2.com's guides. First of all, ICV2.com is a great website. But secondly, they get me the coolest stuff to review! Sure sometimes I have to review some stinkers (in my mind, of course, someone else may find them to be "gems").

Anyway, the book I was just sent to review totally made my day! Train Man by Hitori Nakano--I actually squeled with delight when I got it. The Train Man story is infamous--well to me at least. Supposedly a true story, but perhaps not, this is a love story of a techie geek and the girl he saves from a drunk man on the train. With the help of his Internet bulletin board comrades, he woes "Lady Miss Hermes."
Apparently from my previous posts, I really like titles that work in various mediums. This title has 3 different manga series (1 stand alone title; 2 trilogy series). At the library, we have the VIZ manga series. We will be getting the novel soon--I promise! Besides the book versions, there was a live action TV show and a movie! The movie has also been released here in America by VIZ Media. And the library will be buying it soon.... I highly recommend it. I'll be screening it on Saturday, May 12th at the Foothills Library!

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