Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The sequel to Malice was eagerly awaited by this reader. I was very anxious to see whether the friends left behind were going to be rescued. I wanted to find out whether Tall Jake would be defeated and would receive the justice he deserved.

Seth's single minded mission to rescue Kady sometimes seemed a little unreal but it certainly was endearing. I think that readers would like to think they would have the resourcefulness and bravery to save their friends if they found themselves in a similar situation.

The action was pretty much nonstop. There were some pretty scary moments especially when they encountered Tall Jake's horrific Deadhouse creations. One or two of the characters who were introduced in this sequel added to the drama and brought in some interesting elements to the battle in Malice. Once again, I think that anyone who enjoyed Malice will be satisfied with Havoc.

I have to confess that once I got halfway through, I kept making excuses to stop reading and then put off picking it up again. I just did not want to finish reading the book, knowing that it was the end. I wanted to keep visiting Malice and find out how that world would fare. I wish it could have gone on for at least another two books. But once the last page or two was read, I did accept that the story had to end and there was no more. Perhaps that speaks to the talent of the writer leaving the audience wanting more or that I just have gotten so darn used to reading series (LOL). Anyway, I did enjoy Havoc and would recommend it to readers who like something different. You do have to Malice before you tackle Havoc. Happy Reading!

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