Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Cara has the unfortunate nickname of "Choker" due to needing the Heimlich Maneuver (by her crush no less) in the middle of the lunchroom at school. The stress of the teasing by the Alpha girls causes Cara to become more and more silent in school, freezing up during track meets, and her eye to twitch. Not the best way to be accepted easily in high school. All that changes when Zoe comes back into her life. Her best friend from an old town, Zoe is a breath of fresh air even if she is hiding out in Cara's room because of something that happened to her stepfather.

While Cara is reunited with Zoe, the Alpha girls' pack is devastated by the death of their friend who was found floating in her pool. With Zoe's influence, Cara is becoming more self-assured, better dressed, and catching the eye of her crush, Ethan. But as she grows more confident, the more hostile Zoe becomes. When Zoe starts disappearing from her room, Cara starts to become concerned that perhaps Zoe isn't telling her everything about what happened to her stepfather and perhaps even the Alpha girl's death.

This is for those readers who enjoy twists and turns in their stories. If you enjoy realistic fiction set in a school with a little darkness, then you should try Choker by Elizabeth Woods.

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