Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Parents Text...

Here is a text conversation between my dad and me not too long ago:
Dad: Looks to be flying not driving
Me: What?
Dad: In air on shelf rack
Me: Still Makes no sense to me
Dad: Ok, driving in the air.

This is what the book, When Parents Text by Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli is all about. Based on the website with the same name that was created by the authors after they moved back home after graduating from college. The humorous texts are broken down into different categories:
Master class
When grandparents text
World Wide Web
Happy birthday!
Entertainment (example: Me: I am currently in the presence of some of the Jersey Shore cast members. Mom: ARE YOU IN JAIL???)
Harry Potter (spoiler to the half blood prince is in this section--really how can no one not know what happens in that book by now?)
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I'm not going to give you loads of examples, but just know that I shared bits and pieces with this book with just about everyone. It's a great browsing book that can be picked up and flipped through at any time. It was a wonderful break from the stress of this past month. It made me laugh. It made me get warm fuzzies in my heart based on the relationships being shown through the texts as well. But it really made me chuckle throughout. I highly suggest reading this one with a group of friends to share the laughs.

By the way, I eventually figured out what my dad was texting about. He was referencing a picture that I had texted him four days previously.

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