Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Teen Review: Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Our next teen review is here!  Enjoy a Glendale Public Library teen's thoughts on Go Ask Alice! 

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What Did You Read? 

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

I'd say this book was *mostly* about... (choose up to three)

True stories, bro; addiction to drugs.

This book's main character(s)...

Had a rough time.

If others were interested in this book, I'd tell them...


Any other thoughts about this book?

I enjoyed hearing her journal entries because it was true and the main character was my age. I really enjoyed how she felt and the way she thought even though she never showed it. Making me realize that what I see at school may not be how they feel on the inside.

Should We Know More About You?

I enjoy reading books that take place in high school and relatively real.  

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