Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Teen Review: Once by Morris Gleitzman

Today's recommendation is from Caitlin, and focuses on a 10-year-old Jewish boy navigating Poland alone during World War II: Once. 

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What Did You Read? 

Once by Morris Gleitzman.

I'd say this book was *mostly* about... 

An adventure; the past (it was bleak); true stories, bro.

This book's main character(s)...

Had a rough time

If others were interested in this book, I'd tell them...

It should be required reading for ALL teens

Any other thoughts about this book?

I thought it was an inspiring book about how stories can really change your life and everyone goes through rough times.

Should We Know More About You?

My name is Caitlin, I'm an otaku (someone whose obsessed with Japanese animations). I enjoy dystopian books and fantasy and I dislike historical or classic.

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