Thursday, August 06, 2015

Teen Review: School Spirit by Rachel Hawkins

Today's recommendation is for a digital book and is from another book-lovin' teen: School Spirit by Rachel Hawkins.

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What Did You Read? 

School Spirit by Rachel Hawkins.

I'd say this book was *mostly* about... 

An adventure, high school, mystery.

This book's main character(s)...

Should be my new best friend(s).

If others were interested in this book, I'd tell them...

Check it out RIGHT NOW.

Any other thoughts about this book?

Izzy and her family have sought out monsters for a long time. However, when they move to Mississippi and Izzy attends high school for the first time, she finds its being haunted. Filled with the hardships of high school and the danger of a troubled spirit, this book is great!

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