Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The End of the World is upon you!

Did that get your attention? If you're like the main character in Epoch then no it wouldn't. Vincent was raised as a Triumverate, a One True Faith (aka cult), that believe that the world is ending and only the Triumverate (Jesus, Moses, and Abraham) will save them from the depths of hell. Vincent hasn't believed in many years, but then he sees something that makes him question everything. At the middle school science fair (the theme was how do you think the world is going to end?) Vincent sees what he thinks is a demon and he freaks out--what if the Triumverate was right?! and all this time Vincent has been knocking the Faith. But no need to worry, it wasn't a demon--it was an elf and right nasty boogers they are. With the help of his former babysitter, Vincent discovers that the world really is ending and if he doesn't work with the other people who can see the elves, pixies, and demons then all of humanity will be destroyed by the upcoming Epoch.

I can't spoil the ending for you since I'm in the middle of the book right now. I love the cover of this book with this impish red demon on it! I just met my first demon of the story and he cracked me up. All he wanted was a little taste and Vincent kicked him. I have a feeling Vincent is going to be sorry for that by the end of the book....
Happy Teen Read Week!

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