Thursday, February 21, 2008

Calling all Gamers!

Here's a book you need to check out! Alter Ego: Avatars and their Creators by Robbie Cooper. We just got in today (paid for by our gaming grant! Yeah! LSTA Grants!). Anyway, on the left hand page of each two page spread has a picture and bio of the human version and on the right hand page is their avatar and a little paragraph about their gaming lives.
This was completely fascinating and a fast browsable book. Do you want to see what the creator of Second Life looks like in both the real world and the virtual? He's in here. How about a guy who designs cars in Second Life in his quest to buy a Mustang for himself in this world? Or the controversial power levellers who power up your characters for you (for a price of course!). Even though it's a slim, fast read. It gave me some things to think about. As someone who is not an active online gamer (pretty much only card games for me online), it was a great eye-opener to this virtual world! Check it out today!

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