Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gothic Lolita

Now that I'm actually signed into the blog, I keep wanting to post items! So, sorry that I'm writing two posts today! Every year, a list is created by YALSA called Quick Picks. It's meant to be great books for reluctant readers. I used to want to be on the committee that chose those books so bad because it seemed like the perfect list. Over the years, the list has evolved into something that my library doesn't use as much because many of the books placed on the list seem to consistently be books that my audience doesn't particular care for. Or the nonfiction books have no words whatsoever--just pictures. Now I don't have any problem getting wordless picture books or graphic novels, but for my small nonfiction collection for teens I've always pondered whether I should get wordless nonfiction titles. The books usually are art books of a sort--like books on skateboard art and graffiti art--and they usually fall apart fast. So sometimes I buy the books and sometimes I don't.

This past year, Phaidon published Gothic & Lolita by Masayuki Yoshinaga. I'm familiar with Phaidon's work because they also published Fruits which is very similar. All this book is photographs of Japanese teens and young adults in gothic and lolita outfits. Now before opening this book, please make sure to let go of your western concepts of both gothic and lolita styles becuase the Japanese do it in a style all on their own. Some of the snapshots are on the street, some are in their bedrooms, and others are in a studio of sorts. But they do give a good visual of the vast difference in the styles of gothic and lolita in Japan. I wish they had said with each photo what style the specific picture portrayed, but oh well! I highly recommend it for anyone who is into street styles or Japanese popular culture.

In addition to this book, keep a look out for the new book/magazine coming out by TOKYOPOP, the English translation/adaptation of The Gothic Lolita Bible. The library will be purchasing it! And if you need something else in the mean time, try Japanese School Girl Inferno. The subtitle says it all: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook and the book, J-Rock Groupies. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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