Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Chaos Code

I almost did not finish The Chaos Code by Justin Richards. I found the first half of the book to be more than a bit tedious to read. Normally, if I’m not enjoying a book, I simply return it to the library and check out something else. However, in this case, I had already made a “big production” about emailing all of my fellow Book Obsession bloggers to lay claim to the sole blogging rights for this title…And so, to save face, I forced myself to trudge ahead.

Fortunately, I ended up being glad that I did! By the second half of the book, the pieces of a sometimes perplexing and cumbersome plotline began to fall pleasingly into place. The payoffs that I reaped by sticking with the book came in the form of several surprising plot twists, a number of suspenseful, nail-biting moments and an action-packed grand finale!

As the story begins, 15-year-old Matt Stribling learns that he will be spending yet another school holiday with his absentminded archaeologist father. However, upon arriving at his father’s house, he discovers that his father is missing. Luckily, Matt’s father has left a cryptic message that leads Matt to the mysterious Julius Venture and his eccentric yet beautiful daughter Robin. Together, Matt and the Ventures discover that Matt’s father went missing while searching for an ancient code thought responsible for the destruction of Atlantis. They also discover that this code is in danger of falling into the hands of a power-craving maniac who uses an arsenal of mercenaries and creepy sand monsters to get what he wants. Matt eventually finds himself on a worldwide adventure that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind as we know it.

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