Friday, May 16, 2008

Found... A Great New Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix

I was thrilled to find out that Margaret Peterson Haddix was writing a new series. Many of you probably know her incredibly popular Shadow Children series (Among the Hidden, Among the Impostors, etc.) which is a futuristic adventure set in a time when Population control has gone out of control and third children are illegal. Her new series, The Missing, starts off with Found. If Found is any indicator of the rest of the series, I'd say Ms. Haddix has Found herself another hit. Like The Shadow Children the new Found can be found in the Youth Department, but the books have teen characters and obvious teen appeal.

The book opens with a plane that appears out of no where filled with 36 babies and 0 adults. The plane vanishes just as suddenly leaving the babies and a mystery to be solved. Of course the government is conspiring to cover it up, and keep the stranded children and the family's that adopted them from finding out anything about the mysterious plane. But someone does. Mysteriously the babies who had been adopted all over the country find themselves all moving to the same town and begin getting strange letters. It would seem that whatever magic brought them to this world would like to take them back out and the wheels are in motion to make that happen. Noah and Chip, two of the Found babies, find themselves rushing to piece together the puzzle with the help of Noah's kid sister, an odd janitor, and an ex-airline employee. How did they get there, what are they, who is after them, will they be able to stay with their families? You'll have to read Found to find out what is going on, but I can't wait for book no. 2 of The Missing.

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