Friday, October 31, 2008


In Shift, Charlotte Agell imagines an America in which there is no separation between Church and State. After "the Disaster" the world is a poisonous place, full of fear, with a watchful Homestate spying on its citizens. Christianity is the official religion of the USA--and it's not a good idea to announce that you're a non-believer, like fifteen-year-old, Adrian. He has no patience for the tele-jected "Rapture" shows and sermons that are required daily viewing. Adrian misses his father, who went to the moon and never came back. He misses the brief and rapidly fading memories of the natural world before the Disaster. And he wonders what lies beyond the Deadlands. Then, a chance meeting with a beautiful and determined girl, gives Adrian his chance to find out about life beyond the limits of his urban home.

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