Friday, March 06, 2009

Heck Where the Bad Kids Go

A very interesting premise. Where indeed do bad kids go? Basye describes a dimension that would make any kid think twice about living a life that would guarantee winding up in Heck.

Marlo and Milton Fauster die in a horrible marshmellow bear explosion. Marlo is the bad seed and poor Milton winds up as collateral damage. There is the Bea "Elsa" Bubb who runs Heck and is the nightmare principal figure and just about every horrible thing that anyone could think of, like the only food in the cafeterium is spoiled vegetables. Ethics class is taught by Richard Nixon and Home Ec is taught by Lizzie Borden. There are other "wonderful" teachers. Showers run muddy water, woven hair pajamas are worn to bed and everything is filthy. Gross, gross, really gross!

It was kind of an overload situation on the descriptions for me. I think the readers would probably enjoy reading the various descriptions of Heck. I had to admire the spunk of Marlo, Milton and Milton's new friend Virgil in their relentless quest to escape. They do not give up. But will they be able to escape? It was funny and it will be interesting to read the sequel coming out in July 2009, Rapacia.

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