Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dragon's Heart

I read the first three parts of this series many years ago. I thoroughly enjoy dragon stories. I was so excited when I found out Jane Yolen had written another Pit Dragon Chronicle.

While I did enjoy this installment, I found that it was harder to become involved with the story. Perhaps it was the number of years that had passed or that the dragons were not as big a part of the tale that made it harder for me to read the book.

It felt as if the characters had become estranged to me and I had to get to know them all over again. Perhaps, I should have read the last novel before this one. At any rate, I had to work with this one. But Yolen is such a good author that I knew that I wanted to finish Dragon's Heart.

Jakkin and Akki have both grown up and dramatically changed. They have discovered something that could have an extremely dramatic effect on the population of Austar IV. It is both exciting and could be dangerous, especially to the dragons of Austar.

I think that anyone who has read the first three in the Chronicles will want to read Dragon's Heart as well. I do not know whether there will be further stories in the series, but even though it was a little harder to read Dragon's Heart, I find that I am hoping that Jane Yolen will write others so I can find out how both the dragons and the humans progress with their new found talents.

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