Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Gary Paulsen has another winner that the boys will enjoy reading. Since I've pretty much read like a guy all my life, I enjoyed it as well. It is short and entertaining.

Lyle Williams a.k.a Mudshark, is twelve years old, very intelligent and has trained himself to be extremely observant almost to the point of having a photo graphic memory.
Because of this he can find pretty much anything anyone has lost. A very good talent to have.

There are strange goings on at the school and on top of that a psychic parrot appears
on the scene. Things get so bad that Mudshark's Principal asks him to figure out the mystery.

As I said the story is short, full of unsual characters and lots of humor. This will appeal those male readers who want something quick to get through, they may surprise themselves and wish it was longer. Mudshark was a fun read and I would certainly not mind reading more adventures of this young man.

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