Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've always been a sucker for stories about arranged marriages... I'm sure there is some sort of psychological reason for it, but I'm not at all sure I want to know what that reason is.

Anyway, this one was a good one. Princess Taoshira is one of four appointed crown princesses who rules (at least in a ceremonial capacity) the crescent islands. She was chosen to be princess at the age of 12 by the religious leaders of the island she represents, before that as her noble family had fallen on hard times, she was a goat girl. Nevertheless, her 'princess' training has made her a very formal and elegant 16 year old. The Crescent Islands, while entirely made up and despite the fact that the islanders are all pale and blond, draws somewhat on what we recognize as Asian cultural elements (formal ceremony, paper folding, white face paint, silk robes, etc.)

Ramil is a more or less typical prince, from what we recognize as a more or less typical European type country, Gerfal. He is the eldest son of a king, charges around on a horse, plays with swords, and likes rescuing princesses.

An aggressive common foe forces the Crescent Islands and Gerfal to form an alliance, and of course Prince and Princess have to get married. The problem is Gerfallians think Crescent Islanders are witches, and Crescent Islanders the Gerfallians are one step up from cave men. Needless to say, neither Prince Ramil, or Princess Taoshira, are enthusiastic about the marriage, and several cultural misunderstandings early on worsen the situation.

Then they get kidnapped... they face insurmountable odds... they learn about each others cultural differences, only to discover that they have a lot in common despite them... they fall in love...

Okay, I think maybe we have heard this plot before. Like I said I'm a sucker, but this one was a page turner and a thoroughly satisfying read.

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