Friday, February 18, 2011

Perry Moore

I was planning on blogging about I am Number Four, but that will wait until tomorrow or next week. Perry Moore, the author of Hero passed away. So to honor his memory I'm going to talk about his teen novel.

First of all, this first image is from the hardcover book and always reminded me of Zorro rather than superheros. The second one reminds me of Superman. Okay, enough about the cover artwork.

Thom is a regular teen boy living with his regular single father. Well, not quite regular. Thom has superpowers and has been invited to join the League of superheros. Since his father has voiced his opinion about superheros and Thom doesn't want to disappoint him, Thom hides his identity, both as a superhero and as a gay teen, from him.

I really like the concept of superheros dealing with real life issues, whether it be in comic format or in prose. Thom dealing with his identity and parental issues while trying to be a hero at the same time is a story I can get behind. So while we say goodbye to another author, let's take a moment to appreciate his work he has left behind.

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