Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sailor Moon!!!!!!

Can I just say that I was giddy with excitement yesterday when I heard that Kodansha Comics is publishing the Sailor Moon manga series this fall. The series has been out of print for many years and our library copies are dreadfully mangled. I've kept them going out purely due to the love I have for the series--and the knowledge that this is a series that is the first for many manga readers. Heck, it was the first manga that I called "mine." Before I picked it up, all the manga I read was my husband's (at that point, my boyfriend) and mine. This one--all mine. It was such a girl power moment in comics for me. And I hope this fall, it will be a girl power moment for the readers who check it out from the library.

If you don't know, Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi is a magical girl shojo manga series, which means it's about a group of girls who transform into superheros. Usagi Tsukino discovers that she is Sailor Moon, a magical protector from the moon and she must gather her fellow Sailor Scouts to stop the Negaverse from causing mayhem and destruction in Tokyo. In addition to the battles they must fight, they are searching for their lost princess and figure out what the mysterious, but handsome Tuxedo Mask is all about.

Geez, I want to go read it right now! Beautiful flowing artwork. Great romance. And an adorable main character. I was thankful to Tokyopop for bringing it out when they did. And I'm thankful to Kodansha Comics for bringing it back. Squeeee!

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