Monday, April 11, 2011

Trapped by Michael Northrop

As it was nearing 90 degrees here in Arizona, I picked up Trapped. Scotty narrates this survival tale and lets you know right away that not everyone survives. When the snow starts coming down during the school morning, Scotty is most concerned about the basketball game that night. He doesn't want it cancelled--all of his hard work practicing would be wasted. And cancelled it is. Along with the rest of the school day. Scotty's friend convinces Scotty and their friend Pete to stay behind and work on a go-cart with him. His dad will pick them up. He's close by. But as the snow continues, their cell phones stop working, and their ride never shows. 7 students and 1 teacher are left there. No one knows that they are there. The teacher leaves to get help and doesn't come back. No big deal, right? It's got to stop snowing sometime. The school has a heater, plenty of food in the cafeteria, and lots of space. What could go wrong? Everything. Starting with the power and the heat. And then the roof starts creaking. And it's still snowing. Again, it was almost 90 when I read this book and I had to read it under a blanket. It chilled me thinking about all the snow, the lack of heat, and the over all atmosphere. If you are looking for a good survival story, then you should pick this one from the library.

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Karen said...

Ooh, this is the same author as Gentlemen, a book I liked a lot. I want to read this.