Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take Me to the River

A summer vacation canoeing and rafting in the Big Bend National Park, for Dylan this sounds like a great way to spend the summer. His uncle and cousin, who are river rats, will make sure Dylan is safe and has a great time.

Unfortunately once Dylan arrives, he finds that his uncle is in Alaska and his cousin Rio hasn't bothered to tell him about that little detail. However, Dylan is already there and decides to go for it and that what his parents don't know won't hurt him.

Rio and Dylan get ready and start off on their journey. They wind up having to deal with Hurricane Dolly which has the river depths running at an all time high, dangerously so. But that isn't even the worst of their problems. Drug cartel thugs kill two judges. One of the criminal takes a hostage and manages to escape to the river. Guess who Dylan and Rio run into?

Put this all into one pot and watch it boil, hotter and higher than either teen could even imagine. Will they survive Dolly and Carlos or are they goners?

This was one of those kind of books that pull you into the action quickly. Rio and Dylan make a good team. They've never met, but they become good friends almost immediately. Both are just a little to anxious to take risks, yet they are still good at thinking out their strategies and figure out the best/safest way to get out of a jam. They show a maturity that is impressive and they are brave and willing to risk their lives to save the young hostage, Diego. They are the kind of teens, I think most YAs would like to think they would be if they were caught in this kind of dangerous situation.

I enjoyed the white knuckle action and kept turning the pages to find out how it ended. If you enjoy action and heroes, you'll like this new offering by Will Hobbs.

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