Tuesday, June 07, 2011


This must be my month for reading sequels. I already blogged about how much I enjoyed The Dark & Hollow Places, the exciting conclusion to the Forest of Hands & Teeth series. Then I got my copy of Sweet Valley Confidential on hold. Now I am filled with glee because I finally have the sequel to Hex Hall in my hot little hands. Funny thing is, I normally enjoy stand-alone books. Go figure.

Hex Hall was my surprise find on 2010. I figured it for another run-of-the-mill supernatural romance. Yes, it was supernatural and yes, it had romance, but it totally surpassed my expectations--strong characters, strong dialogue, mystery, romance, mean girls, humor, and magic. At the end of book one, Sophie, our main character, has just discovered the truth about her supernatural heritage and also discovers that someone she's trusted is part of a clandestine order determined to wipe out those of her kind. In the sequel, Demonglass, Sophie is preparing to leave Hex Hall, on her way to undergo a procedure that will strip her of her powers. Nooo, Sophie! Say it ain't so. Why do I have the feeling Sophie's powers are staying in place? After all, she'll need them to fight back against the multiple people (or should I say, monsters?) who are angling to kill her.

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