Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fever Crumb

To celebrate Audiobook Month, I am listening to Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve.

Set in a London future where technology is being scavenged by archaeologists, Fever has been raised to be the first girl Engineer (girls aren't believed capable of rational thought). Her first role outside of the Order is for the "irrational" Kit Solent who has discovered the former ruler's invention lab. He wants Fever to open it up for him. Why he thinks she can do so is a mystery to Fever--until memories start coming back to her...

First of all, what a fabulous cover! Yes, I'm judging the book by its cover. We all do it. I'm just admitting to it! What you don't see in this cover is that Fever shaves her head and has two different colored eyes.

The world building is fantabulous in this novel. It's a prequel to Reeve's Hungry City Chronicles so I can see where some things may be heading, but the little details of a book are what I love. So when Fever overhears a new religious group's chant of "Harry, Harry, harry Potter," I was tickled. When she notices that a floor has been covered in little mosaic tiles that on closer inspection are old computer keyboard letters, I thought "quite clever!" I'm just delighted and looking forward to the rest of the story.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the audio version as well. I was a bit cautious since the author was reading it. With a few exceptions (Neil Gaiman), that hardly ever bodes well for an audiobook. In this case, I think he's a great narrator. He has a soothing British accent and he has a range of voices for the characters. I particularly like Bagman Creech's wheezing voice and his hacking coughs. Listening to an audiobook is a different reading experience. I don't see glimpses of phrases coming up or see how far until the next chapter. I just enjoy the pacing of the tale.

So if you are looking for an interesting world to read about, an intriguing character, or just a plain good book, then check this one out. And if you're wanting a new audiobook to try, this one may be your cup of tea too!

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