Thursday, June 02, 2011

Video Game Books

Today I was wrapping up an order of video games for the library. I think it's so cool that a library has video games. So for all you gamers out there, here are some video game novels that you might enjoy reading that you can find in the teen area of our library system...

Halo series: Halo First Strike by Eric Nylund is one of the books in this multiple book series. Each one can be read on its own, so if you like the world building of the Halo video games, then check this series out. (P.S. there's also Halo graphic novels)

Perfect Dark: Initial Vector by Greg Rucka
a bounty hunter set in the near future storyline

Don't forget about the WoW books either!

World of Warcraft series: Like the Halo novels, each one is self-contained and there are also graphic novels.

If novels aren't your cup of tea, there are strategy guides in our nonfiction collections (call number area 794.82) and many more video games portrayed in graphic novels, but that's a whole other blogpost!

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