Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Diviners

Don't miss this fun new read by the ever wonderful Libba Bray.  I read an ARC of this one a month or two ago and just loved it.  Set in the twenties, The Diviners is the first in what must be a series to come.  Our main character is the hilariously irreverent flapper Evie O'Neill who has the unusual ability to read a person's past by holding an object that person owns.  Drinking a few too many (during the Prohibition) Evie spills the beans about a socially important young man who's been cheating.  To avoid further social disaster, Evie's parents send her to New York to live with her uncle, who runs  the Museum of American Folklore, Superstition and the Occult.  Evie gets involved in the murder investigation of a young woman and falls head over heels into a mystery steeped in the occult with a very dangerous spiritual entity intent on unleashing himself into the world.  Evie, with her best friend, a handsome assistant at the museum, and a rake pickpocket, take on the supernatural.

Libba Bray has written a hilarious and simultaneously creepy story.  The pages are many but you won't be able to stop turning them.  From the woman who brought us Going Bovine and Beauty Queens, here is a fun new novel of the roaring twenties with a supernatural twist.  Jeepers!

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