Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DC's New 52

So in case you aren't a comics nerd like me (and Merideth), DC Comics (publishers of Batman and Superman) did a big relaunch of their characters. The relaunch was supposed to open the door to new readers without having to figure out back story and such. I wasn't expecting much honestly when I heard about it, but then again, I'm much more of a manga nerd than a superhero nerd.

During lunch this month I've been catching up with graphic novels. I've read great ones and mediocre ones. Some I'll blog about later on; some I'll quietly forget that I ever read them. I picked up two graphic novels of the new 52 so far to read and one I really, really liked and want to share.

Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls is not a graphic novel you can read without knowing who the characters are. But most likely if you don't know who Batman is, you aren't going to be picking this up to read anyway! I adore the Batman concept and movies, but I've never been a superhero graphic novel reader. Something about too much text and not very pretty artwork (for my tastes that is!). But I really wanted to read this one. Batman is dark and dreary and this one is totally the case.

The urban legend of the Court of Owls is, well, legendary in Gotham City. Batman has never placed any stock in it until now. Gruesome murders will make him question everything he knows and believes about his city. And he quickly becomes the next target as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Dark, twisted, and mind blowing in different places. There's one page in my copy that is completely upside down. I think it may have been a publishing mistake, but I need to double check other copies because it worked sooo well with the storytelling. So if it's not a mistake I will think it's absolutely creative genius. :)

Some people may not love the blockiness of the characters, but I sort of like the chiseled designs. A great mystery (though beware it does end in a cliffhanger which will make you want to go and buy the single issues rather than wait for the graphic novel!) with very little superhero-y things to get annoyed at. I gotta tell you, I really loved the book. On my goodreads page I gave it 5 stars. That's only the 2nd book this year that has gotten 5 stars. Take a chance on this superhero if you like stories dark and gritty, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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