Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Action packed reading

Sometimes as I watch as action movie I think that there is no way an action novel can be the same. I mean, think about an action movie--the loud explosions, the fast car chase scenes, the fight sequences--a lot of books don't always give you the same thrilling feeling of the adrenaline pumping scenes. But every so often, a novel is done and described so well that it could have been a movie. Last night I came across one of those novels. I read Sure Fire by Jack Higgins with Justin Richards. A rather well done action spy novel. Jack Higgins, known for his adult spy novels, partnered with Justin Richards (author of Death Collector and Parliament of Blood) to create a new series for teens. Rich and Jade, fifteen-year-old twins, have just lost their mother to a freak road accident (She looked the wrong way before crossing the street and got hit by a car). At the funeral, they meet their father for the first time and both agree that he's a fairly cold, standoffish prat who is packing them off to boarding school. Well at least he was until he was abducted. The police don't believe them, the people offering to help them can't be trusted, and they're in a strange new place.
After some gun shoot-outs between the adults in the novel, driving a Range Rover through a wall to save Jade, the two find themselves in the middle of an international threat to the world's oil supply. Very action-packed and fast-paced which makes this a short read. The action sequences were both amusing and adrenaline pumping. This is one novel that uses adults as devices, conveniently forgotten until they're needed to shoot someone. But even with that fault, Jade and Rich shine with energy. Best suited for action fans, this is one title that is suspenseful for younger teen readers. The sequel Death Run is also available from the library.

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