Wednesday, January 07, 2009

He speaks to dead people and they talk back...

That is the premise of the book I finished waiting for blood work to be done. Dead Connection by Charlie Price focuses on Murray Keifer, a loner teen with an unfortunate name. His mother has gentlemen callers all hours of the day and night, so he spends most of his time in the town cemetery talking to the people who had died young. When he concentrates he can envision what they looked like when they died and hear them talk back to him. The dead get lonely with no one to talk to.
While in the cemetery one day, he can hear the voice of a girl garbled and scattered as if she were beyond upset and incomprehensible. Could this be Nikki Parker, the missing high school cheerleader? And if so, where is she in the cemetery? With the caretaker's daughter, Murray will have to search out the voice and try to convince police to listen to the dead.

The book is broken down into different viewpoints--Murray, an alcoholic cop who has it out for Murray, a sheriff investigator obsessed with Nikki's disappearance, and a schizophrenic young adult who may or may not have witnessed (was involved in?) her abduction. Each viewpoint is in individual chapters that range from one to five pages long. Short chapters have always appealed to me as I love built-in stopping points for breaks. If I have to put a book down, then I want it to be at the end of a chapter. Granted, this book I read in a waiting room and finished with no breaks.

It's a fast read. If you like crime mysteries or ghost/supernatural stories I think you'll find this one quite enjoyable.

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