Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Did you know that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley published two different versions of Frankenstein? I never did until I worked the reference desk today. Most of the Frankenstein's released today are the 1831 version--the 2nd edition that she released. In her preface to the 2nd edition, she states that she only did minor changes from first to second edition. As a former English literature major, I really would like to sit and read both versions to see the differences for myself. What about you? Would you want to know what an author changed from one version to another? If so, then you can read the Mary Shelley Reader to read the original 1818 version.

Speaking of classics that also got changed:

Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl has two different versions as well. The original had some parts taken out by her father. The Definitive Edition contains the diary as Anne wrote it.

Those are the recommendations for today. See you tomorrow!

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