Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Several years ago, the library owned a copy of the manga series Wish by CLAMP. The series is now out of print. Our copy at the library went "missing"--or walked out the door without being checked out properly.

For quite some time, I couldn't share this title with anyone. :(

But now I can! Some lovely angel donated the whole series to the library recently. This delightful four volume series is about an angel who had been rescued by a human man. In return she wants to grant his wish, but he insists that he has no wishes since he can get what he wants on his own. Instead she decides to move in with him until he needs a wish granted. The nice human that he is, he allows her to stay.

But with the angel comes her issues. During the night, her powers are reduced so she is in "chibi" form. Her rival demon/devil taunts her and tries to harm her. And to add even more, the angel is very klutzy, so every time she tries to help her human she ends up making a mess!

Overall, this series is one CLAMP's cute short pieces that showcase their humor and romance in the best light. It's a perfect introduction into CLAMP's works if you haven't tried them before.

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