Thursday, June 23, 2011


Did any of you Harry Potter fans watch the reveal about Pottermore yesterday? No? Well, go see what has all the HP fans online in a frenzy of excitement! Really--go on, I'll wait for you to watch it.

All finished? Great! I really liked the creativity portrayed in the short video. That little touch makes me think that this online interactive Harry Potter experience will be very exciting indeed. I do wonder about the exclusive rights for the downloading of the ebook and the digital audio versions. I wonder what it will mean for library patrons, but is isn't the blog for those thoughts! It's all about the wonders of HP and the fandom that the books created. In case you are interested in more information, the Leaky Cauldron has a few screenshots available for fans to look at and wonder what it all means. All I know for sure is that I'm looking forward to the October opening date!

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