Monday, January 06, 2014

We've been neglectful...

Shame on us for not updating the blog in a more timely manner. We mean to, really, we do! It just seems to get swallowed up in our other job duties. I plan to try better this year. Here's to 2014!

Last night, a few former teen librarians met up and watched The Book Thief movie. I had been looking forward in a sort of excited but also melancholy way. How do you get excited to see a movie about being a regular German girl during the Nazi regime? Plus, we all had read the book so we know that the movie should be a Kleenex worthy film.

I was not disappointed. I loved the adaptation. It kept the meat of the book and more importantly, the spirit of the book. The movie does limit the narrator--Death's -- role, but I was fine with that because honestly, Death was a bit of a jerk sometimes in the book. The movie passed one final test for me--did it make me want to read the book? Yes, it did. I want to go back into that world Markus Zusak created with his wonderful array of words and re-live the heartbreak all over again.

Can I just say--I like the German edition book cover ( for the image) better than the US edition with the dominoes? And finally, I really want to read Zusak's next book. It looks like it may now come out in fall, 2015.

Next, team building movie outing? Fault in our stars, perhaps?

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