Monday, October 06, 2014


Something in the hospital is stalking the living. . .

What good is the Halloween month without a at least one  frightening read? Okay, to be honest I like a good frightening read any time of year, but as the days edge closer to October 31st,  I feel incomplete without an arsenal of discomfiting fiction  in hand. Must. Have. Horror!

The other day I picked up Insanity by Susan Vaught.  As soon as I read the dust jacket I was intrigued. Susan, you had me at "insane asylum."

I can't give this a proper review yet as I have only read the prologue, but the prologue has me hooked. Abandoned insane asylum. Check. Kid alone in the middle of the night followed by a growling dog. Check. The suggestion of people with powers, unnatural. Check. Scary stranger emerging out of the dark. Check. No escape. NO escape!!! Check, check, check.

And that's just the prologue. The dust jacket promises a tale set in "Never, Kentucky," which is an awesome name for a scary small town. It also promises tunnels winding deep beneath the insane asylum, unstable patients running through the halls, screaming, and  a girl named Trina who can see the dead in the corners of the room.

I already have the shivers. Can't wait to read more.  What's your favorite Halloween horror selection?

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