Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Braless in Wonderland

Allee who considers herself a feminist and very intelligent has a goal and that is to get into Yale as a Literature major. Her sister Sabrina, aka The Fluff, seems only to think of fashion and her looks. Thus it is a complete surprise when Allee rather than the Fluff is picked to be a model! Debbie Fischer was a former booker for a modeling agency in Florida (this is her first book) and so we get an inside look at teen modeling. Allee is not prepared for this kind of world. She must learn to roll with the punches and find a way of coping with having to interact with the rest of the world. Hard lessons are learned and Allee finds out a great deal about herself. Some of it surprising and some of it not so flattering. The characters come across as real and diverse. Allee's journey in discovering herself also rings true. I like how she starts thinking for herself instead of how she thinks she is supposed to be thinking. The ending was a surprise and I was glad to see her make that decision. This should appeal to readers who like their female characters strong and opinionated. The background of the modeling industry is not one that appeals to me but it certainly is fascinating.

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